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Save the World Contest
January 2018 Entries
January winners are Chana, June and Nancy

Chana  Co-Winner

It is very simple. Each person in the world makes a commitment to take responsibility for her/himself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and forms a relationship with a buddy to be held accountable to in the next ten years. Then prays and meditates on a vision of the world as we want it to be. Our survival depends on it. All religions, and kinds of people can participate in this type of activity. It excludes no one. Blessings to all.

June  Co-Winner

We need to model our acceptance that everyone on this planet is
connected by the laws of energy that are physical, mental, emotional and 
spiritual. We may not control what happens to us but we can always choose
our response. Every individual has gifts to give and we must take the 
responsibility of giving these gifts with love. We must move on when they
are not accepted or supported. Let those with eyes to see, see; and those
with ears to hear, hear. 

Nancy  Co-Winner

We need to love our world , our Earth by teaching all students to protect it and teach them exactly how with examples. We need to teach everyone how to conserve and clean the world in which we live including our homes. Recycle, Recycle.


Converge with others, and know we need to learn to love.

Remember how you feel about your children. That = unconditional Love. That is what love feels like. Now, find out how to feel THAT for the whole human family and then all life. Remember, all the living things we know about are here on this planet earth. What if the time now, this day, this year is the moment in time, we have the accumulated, knowledge for a gigantic phase change based in consciousness and collective human realization to take the step to save the world. Does it take humans like us to come together in groups and start?


To save the world I think we need to acknowledge and celebrate each others differences.


Some people do not know how to create a world where it is safe to love one another. We need a guide!! A guide to read or see or both, that tells us what we can do today, to create a world where it is safe to love one another. Then send and distribute to everyone we can possibly reach.

In response to anonymous, all of the above, any way it can be communicated and it would need to be free as creating a world where it is safe to love each other is free. Love, kindness, peace, caring, change, smiles, and all of the other best things in life are free. Seems strange that we even need to be doing this to wake up the world, when everything we need is right here and free!! We need a guide that will specifically help people to create a world where it is safe to love ourselves and each other.


Go outside your door, into your neighborhood. Introduce yourself to the 10 houses across the street, and five houses/apartments on either side of you. Know your neighbors - what they might need or what they might have to offer - do they have a local business or cause to support? Know how many people and pets are in each so that if a natural disaster hits you can help, you can know who should be there and look for them or help first responders to do so. Break down your walls before Mother Nature forces you to. I am here, bearing witness to the layers of devastation of wildfire and mudslide. I know the importance of this for sure. 


One could write a book as an answer ... 
But ultimately, every answer comes down to one word:

Think globally, act locally!


I. Impeach current President and Vice President 
II. Overturn "Citizens United. "
III. Outlaw Nuclear Weapons . starting with our over-abundance


I would Save the World by making sure that there is equal opportunity for all in this world no matter race, religion or gender!


We need to recognize that building a more peaceful world is no longer just moral and desirable. It is necessary for our survival. That's a big task, so the first step is to bring peacemaking into our personal lives, everyday and in every way. If we do that, not only will we help build the foundation for a more peaceful world. Our lives will get better so we will be motivated to continue. Plus we will become more convincing advocates for a more peaceful world. Do that however you like, but if you need some ideas, download a free PDF of a book my wife and I wrote with the subtitle, "Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet." You can get it at http://tinyurl.com/HellmanPDF.


To write and TXT and email all of our elected officials and the media telling them that we must change our aggressive ways in this world. To write and ask all leadership on a global scale to make peace together.

Imagine what our world would be like if this sad problem could be solved in our country and the world. No more slavery, less death and disease, less misery, the potential for all humans to be part of our living world and participating in the growth of all.


1. Be actively working to end the use of nuclear weapons. Contact our elected representatives and march in the streets.
2. Actively working to end the use of fossil fuels in our country to reduce global warming.


Dream big! Nay sayers will say we can't do it, but we can. We can build a world where all people are created with equal rights and we can learn to resolve all conflicts without violence. We have to dream big and hang in there when the nay sayers start to spin doubt.


First; to have an attitude of "don't know " every time we think about saving the world.
Second: try to hear, sense the world. Who, What needs to be saved?


We are in a time of profound change at all levels, from the personal to the global. Not just incremental change or tremors, tweaks, and twiddling at the margins but rather epochal, systemic transformations in human consciousness and, as a result, metamorphosis of cultural, social, economic, and political values and structures. 
The challenge before us is to stay centered in the eye of whatever storm swirls around us, focused on the larger perspective of the evolutionary transformation we are undergoing, and proactively doing our part, in community, to nurture the consciousness of wholeness that is aborning.

Given this, we must look beyond merely resisting or protesting this or that policy, presidential decree, judicial nominee, or cabinet appointment. Yes, those things are important in the immediate micro situation. In the much more profound macro situation, though, it’s even more important and will have much longer lasting and far-reaching consequences to be projecting, building, and demonstrating the new, more just and life-affirming behaviors and systems that will replace those that are dissolving. 

And one of those life-affirming behaviors that we now have an opportunity to develop in ourselves and demonstrate is expressing compassion and love for all those souls who are trying desperately (and all too often violently, destructively, and in the end counterproductively) to hang on to the structures that have served them so well heretofore, nourishing them, giving them a job to do, and thus providing security and meaning – and that are suddenly, inexorably being torn asunder in the violent winds of change. We can help reduce the trauma and possible (likely!) violence associated with the metamorphosis by helping those in resistance to overcome the fear and to trust that, after the storm and once the debris has settled, new structures will arise to provide meaning and security. 

What are the structures that are dissolving in this country? They include attributes of our nation that many if not most Americans have always thought of as bedrocks of what defines the United States of America but are now crumbling – things such as White majority and dominance; Christian majority and dominance; male dominance and sexual predation; the dominance of money, materialism, capitalism, and the nation-state; and the dominance of humanity over other life and Earth as a whole. Actually, also dissolving is the acceptance and use of dominance itself as a form of relationship. For example, “power over” is morphing into “power with” as a preferred way of relating in families, workplaces, communities, and government. 

Of course, exercising power-with requires that we trust in one another and in processes that unfold organically and nonlinearly. And that’s very scary to many people. Hence the call for and necessity of compassion, understanding, non-judgement, and love. A difficult, possibly unimaginable task when looking through the micro lens, but perhaps, from the macro point of view, it makes more sense, is more doable, and will in the long run be more effective.


What I think we need to do to save the world is educate ourselves and teach our children that there IS design, trajectory, wisdom and love in the universe, and that, if we what to survive, we need to see and comply with the conditions.

I think we need new leadership in all the nations of the world.

A ready-to-intervene, multi-national, escalation-prevention task force would be super smart. Humans are very poor escalation managers. A skilled, prevention-based team would be so useful.

I would like to see 10% of the military budget of the United States be dedicated to relationship-based security solutions, such as there are at http://alternatives2war.com/list.html.

Legally ban the possession, development and/or use of nuclear weapons.

Since we obviously need to buy some time here, I suggest we create a "meta-launch-code" functionality which all of the nuclear nations could agree to. This would require any decision to launch a nuclear bomb, whether out of fear or retaliation, to pass a secondary code verification filter, created by an international panel, and verified by international scientists. This would create massive reductions of the hair-trigger risks associated with launch on warning, or first strike. It would also obviate any mistake issues as EVERYTHING would have to pass a non-escalating, professionally-trained, trans-national, relationship-based team. Any code would need the "extra code" from them to work.

Overcome groupthink.

Humanity is facing a crisis of epic proportions. It is strong, and very complex. From what we know about systems theory Complexity produces inertia. The more interconnection there is, the more difficult it is for the system to change. The military industrial COMPLEX is one example of this. Racial stereotypes is another. Mistreatment of women is a third example. Even the holocaust is an example of how complexity produces inertia. So, with all the issues facing humanity today, what are we to do? Is there a counter-balancing force which is strong enough to help us overcome our problems? Is there something we could create that would be lasting, and have its own benovolent inertia? And could this "thing" have enough power and popularity to truly solve the challenges we face? The answer is YES! What is it? Vision Vision is structural. The structure is in the thinking. When the thinking is shared... Culture Shifts And, it can shift a lot, and quickly It can transcend nations And it can end wars. What term could we use, then, for this inertial vision, held around the world for the benefit of all life? Global Community Global community, if shared, would become inertial, and could see us through these difficult times. Vision is everlasting. It is built into the very fabric of the Universe. As are we! It will work! What, then, exactly, is the vision? All is One All is One is a blueprint for survival. When we SHARE the vision that All is One We become as wise and loving as the system that produced us. And that's a good thing.

I think what we need now is a new level of personal and collective intention. The vast majority of people do not "intend." - meaning they don't feel personally responsible for the welfare of the whole.